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“Family Counseling Services made such a difference with my children. We have been through so much; I don’t know where we would be without their help.”

- FCS Client

Want to donate? There are various ways you can make a donation to Family Counseling Services. You can donate an item from our wish list, shop via iGive and FCS receives a percentage of your purchase or donate a monetary amount. To learn more about each opportunity to donate, please click on the link of the one that interests you.

Click here or see below for our different levels of donations.

$3,000: Sponsor a family to receive 10 weeks of our family and community bonding program, “Families and Schools Together”.

(Please note: With a donation of $2500 or more, FCS will present a Stress Management workshop at your workplace)

$2,000: Sponsor a Child Parent Relational Therapy group for 10 families (mothers with children ages 0-5).

$1,500: Sponsor 9 months of therapy for a child who has experienced a trauma.

$1,000: Sponsor 5 sessions of Infant Mental Health for 10 fmailies (two groups)

$500: Sponsor one month of case management for a troubled teen.

$250: Sponsor one assessment for an infant with social-emotional difficulties.

$180: Purchase one “Family Meal” for the “Families and Schools Together program”.

$150: Purchase “special play boxes” for 10 families in need to increase bonding between the parents and their young children.

$100: Sponsor two hours of case management for a family whose parents are unemployed and their child is fighting at school.

$25: Sponsor the participation of one teenager in Liberty City to participate in a group mentor session.