Success Stories

The services provided by Family Counseling Services (FCS) have a life-altering impact on our clients. Our comprehensive approach to mental health care is designed to not only treat the individual but to address the related environmental factors. These include issues in the family, school and the surrounding community.

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Meet some of our children:

Miguel Maria Sarah Elaine Alyssa Ana

What FCS Has Meant To Me

“I wanted to thank you for the great courtesy you extended us. That money you gave us sure did come in handy. I guess if it hadn’t been for you, we probably would have starved to death on the way home. My father and mother both were very worried over my leaving home and were sure glad when they received my telegram, thanks to you.”
– 1937 letter written by a runaway to FCS founder Mamie Terrell

“Family Counseling Services has helped my family get through a very difficult time. I have seen my daughter mature and develop into a strong presence in the family, and her new role as her younger sister’s confidant has been instrumental in her sister’s disclosure of sexual assault. Although she was reluctant to attend therapy sessions at first, she told me that that working through our family’s difficulties was something she could not have done without the support she and my family received from Family Counseling Services.”

– Mother of a 15-year-old Behavioral Health Program client

“I like [the Neighborhood Empowerment Program Group]. We get to do a lot of fun stuff like drawing, coloring and talking.”
– Six-Year-Old Neighborhood Empowerment Program Group member

“The Journey Institute transformed my life. Individual and group therapy over this past year taught me self respect and gave me the skills to cope with the difficulties of life. I can now feel emotions and have a brand new vibrant life. I can never thank you enough.”
– An adult survivor of sexual abuse and Journey Institute client

“We are honored in having our student interns at Family Counseling Services and the Prevention and Promotion Programs. In this time in age, there are very few agencies that have the commitment in fostering a professional learning environment for students. One thing that stands out in our reports from our students is the PASSION and COMMITMENT that you and the staff have to serve the community. What a valuable message you are passing on!!!!!!!”

– Dr. Frank Muscarella Director, Clinical Psychology Program, Barry University

“The subjects each week were all areas I needed help and encouragement with. My therapist was a great leader. The sharing of the other survivors was very healing.”
– An FCS Group Therapy client

“The help I found in this group and with the Journey Institute has helped me turn my life around. I would not be able to heal without it. To the therapists: Thank you, this is a wonderful program that changes people’s lives. I hope you never stop doing the work you do here–for as long as there are hurtful people, their victims need you to heal them.”
– An adult survivor of sexual abuse and Journey Institute client